The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.
- Alan Watts

Business Consulting

As an innovative executive, I offer my consulting clients the benefit of two decades in corporate, SME, and startup environments as a board member, executive, and advisor. My business consulting practice focuses on strategic business planning, financial oversight, internal policy development, operational management, and partner relations.

My consulting philosophy balances data-driven decision-making with an emphasis on engagement and collaboration with relevant stakeholders. Profitable decision-making relies on accurate, comprehensive business intelligence paired with strategic environmental marketing insights.

Each client is different. My solutions include independent and collaborative research calibrated to inform the current and anticipated needs of startups, SMEs, and large corporations. I also offer a complete range of business- and digital transformation services geared toward larger organizations.

I provide comprehensive, actionable analysis and recommendations that directly support more effective decisions at the executive level.

Bi-lingual: English (Native); German (Proficient)

Strategic Planning | Steering Committee | Business Advisory Panel | Business Goals | Market Insights | Best Practices | Business Plans | Project Management | Program Management | Thought Leadership | Financial Performance Initiatives | Team Performance | Policy Adherence | Communications | People Management | Problem Resolutions | Organizational Skills

Access to a broad network of consultants and experts across business domains and industries.

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