To achieve the possible, we must attempt the impossible again and again.
- Hermann Hesse

Board Room

As a business leader and member of advisory boards and independent boards, I have helped direct the future success of companies in technology, education, finance, healthcare, professional services, and manufacturing. I add value sharing expertise in governance, strategic business analysis, and market research.

Boards look to me for executive insights and actionable courses of improvement in strategic planning, digital transformation, business intelligence and -analysis, risk management and -mitigation, operational guidance, sustainability initiatives, and sound governance, including bias reduction and improved representation. My background in innovative technology and business guidance through predictive data modelling has proved especially valuable when my fellow board members offer expertise that lies outside those areas.

I have delivered measurably impactful results as a board member and as a member of board committees. My work on board committees has produced crucial outcomes in corporate governance, risk management, strategic planning, compensation structuring, and succession planning matters. I am available to serve on advisory boards and independent boards, and welcome conversations toward more substantial board membership, though I limit myself to serving only on a select number of boards overall.

Accredited Board Member
  • Accredited for Switzerland
  • By EPFL Innovation Park - Board Matching Platform, Switzerland
Board Certifications
  • Startup Board Program - Startup Board Academy, EPFL Innovation Park
  • Advanced Board Education - Startup Board Academy, EPFL Innovation Park

Board Experience

Academic Board Member
2022 - Present
Woolf University / Hesse College

Industry: Higher Education
Location: Aargau, Switzerland

Woolf University is a global collegiate university providing world-class, globally recognized and transferable higher education. Its global network of colleges gain access to a learning management systems platform which automates the accreditation and quality assurance processes.
Hesse College is a new initiative launching in 2023 as a constituent member of the Woolf University. Hesse College aims to provide access to world-class Swiss education and ensure that it is advancing digital learning through research and instruction.
Independent Board Member
2022 - 2023
Lambda Investments AG

Industry: Management Services
Location: Baar, Switzerland

Lambda Investments AG was a holding company managing shareholdings, as well as related services aimed at optimization concerning the management of companies, corporations, consortia and cooperatives. This private holding company oversees a basket of international subsidiaries specializing in manufacturing robotics and automation. It provides organizational interventions, restructuring, administrative control, financial planning, quality control of production and its costs, technical, logistical, commercial, financial, coordination, risk assessment and risk management.

2023 Merger with Eclipse Capital Liechtenstein

Advisory Board Member
2020 - 2022
Achiko AG

Public Company
SIX Swiss Exchange (SWX: ACHI)
USA OTCQB® Venture Market (OTCQB: ACHKF)
Industry: BioTech
Locations: Zurich (HQ), Jakarta, and Singapore

Achiko develops aptamer-based diagnostics through its biotechnology division, AptameXTM and companion health apps via its digital mobile health technology division, Teman SehatTM. The innovative AptameX DNA aptamer tests can be rapidly chemically synthesised, are cost-effective and have wide potential across multiple disease diagnostics.

Executive Board Member
2015 - 2018
Advisory Board Member

MeetVibe Inc.

Private Company (exited in 2018)
Industry: Technology
Locations: Silicon Valley (HQ) and Toronto

MeetVibe developed a unified platform with Android and iOS applications and Internet of things (IoT) environmental sensors for events with nearby discovery, meaningful connect, and simplified scheduling. The administrator dashboard provided location based event engagement, heat mapping and an emergency management communication channel.

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