Education is not the learning of facts, rather it's the training of the mind to think.
- Albert Einstein


A business researcher with extensive practical experience and a strong record of leading collaborative, interdisciplinary research efforts across disciplines and geographies. My specialties include business strategy, operational transformation, corporate governance issues,  leadership, sustainability, and market research.

My research draws on a strong background of inductive, deductive, quantitative, and qualitative research methods, often blending those approaches to deliver novel insights and actionable, profitable analyses. I am especially adept in qualitative inductive synthesis methodologies that address the dynamically changing face of ICT in a global, interdisciplinary context.

I also draw on my extensive practical experience as a board member and business consultant. This background allows me to conduct distinctly insightful and relevant research on business strategy, leadership, entrepreneurship, sustainability, finance, business phase transition, and wide-ranging market research.

I am available as a visiting lecturer on-site or online. I also make time to collaborate on select academic work including research projects, academic boards, and thesis supervision.


Book Contributions
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Alumni Networks

University Affiliations

Associate Researcher

2023 - Present
Business Science Institute

Château de Wiltz, Luxembourg

Adjunct Professor

2022 - Present

University of Business, Innovation and Sustainability

Geneva, Switzerland Campus

  • Business Sustainability, Ethics, and Social Responsibility
  • Research Methodology
Founding Fellow

2022 - Present
Woolf University / Hesse College

Aargau, Switzerland

Woolf University is a global collegiate university providing world-class, globally recognized and transferable higher education. Its global network of colleges gain access to a learning management systems platform which automates the accreditation and quality assurance processes.
Hesse College is a new initiative launching in 2023 as a constituent member of the Woolf University. Hesse College aims to provide access to world-class Swiss education and ensure that it is advancing digital learning through research and instruction.

Associate Professor
2022 - Present
RCST Rockfield College of Science and Technology

Zurich, Switzerland Campus

Teaching, mentoring and grading Business courses, lectures and residencies both live and online.   

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